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Passionately getting you into business and holding your hand throughout the journey to success. We never leave anyone behind!


E-Commerce Is The Future, Start Your E-Commerce Business Now

We are committed to providing the absolute best quality service to each and every one of our customers. Over the last 4 years, since our start, we’ve continued to grow while staying true to our original mission — to give you, the customer, a winning service that you can rely on.

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About Us

We Build Your Business And We Make It Our Job To Ensure It Succeeds

These are what we do to ensure that...

  • Product Research
  • Creative & Customized Store Design
  • Business Brand Solutions
  • Content Creation & Blog Post Writing
  • SEO Optimization Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Total Project


Total Customer
1 %

Customized & Professional

1 %
Digital Marketing

Best On Media

1 %
Google Analytics

SEO & Keywords

1 %

24/7 Availability

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Why Choose US

Best Consulting For All Home Businesses

Everything for your ecommerce business in one place.

Technical skills
Professional Look & Fully Customized 80%
Web consulting
Top-rated Service 85%
Google Keywords 75%
Best On Media 90%
Customer Support
24/7 Availability 85%
Settle For Nothing Less

Quality Over Quantity

Because we have so many brilliant consultants in a wide variety of industries, we’ve been able to pick the very best advice for re-inventing your business into a dynamic, thriving enterprise where people are lining up to get in and share the experience. If you’ve dreamed of making your business extraordinary, our Business Renovation Program will take you there. We believe in honoring the unique personalities, culture and market that has grown your business so far, and hire only the very best consultants to help you take your business into the future with success beyond your wildest dreams. Although you can tell a lot about a business or service by looking at its website, the best way to see what they can do is by looking through their customer’s eyes and seeing what they’ve accomplished.

Is your dream about starting your own ecommerce business without having to worry about capital, any know ledge of coding or having nothing to sell?

If your answer is “Yes” then this is exactly where your dream comes true. You’ll have;

  • Free built store
    Fully customized e-commercce store ready to star selling.
  • High-ticket products
    With our product research capability we make sure to add trending products.
  • Marketing
    We hold your hand throughout the journey by making sure your products get in front of the interested audience.

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At your ow request we will manage your social media pages and ad accounts so that your store gets marketed the right way by our expert social media marketers. We will manage your social media accounts such as;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn etc

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Get your products in front of more prospective buyers by displaying them on different sales channels.

Some of the sales channels where your products will be dispayed are;

  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Etsy etc

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Improve your SEO score by having more keywords included in your product descriptions and blog posts.

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Objectively keep your customers in the loop by sending the scheduled updates about your new arrivals, updates and offers.

Email marketing experts available to help you

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Site Optimisation


Increased Traffic


Increased Sales

E-Commerce And Digital Marketing

Our Different Approach

At MoJamoza Partners, we believe the spirit under which your business is formed is a vital part of its future growth. We won’t tell you to change your corporate culture or anything else that makes your business an amazingly unique enterprise. At MoJamoza Partners Consulting, we don’t get our testimonials by asking our clients for them – we wait for them to develop organically in emails, commentary or blog posts.

Top Ecom Consulting Firm
Over 85% Client Satisfaction
Over 500+ Business Cases
We Operate Globbally

Passionate About E-Commerce? Join The Team!

If you’re an expert in any of the services we offer and would like to join us you’re welcome to do so.

Our Services

What Can We Do For You?

We have a range of services that we offer to help you get into ecommerce business easily, or to help grow your already existing business.

Product Research

Receive data about products that are selling and those that will trend in future then make an informed decision.

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Store Creation

Have a creative and customized e-commerce store built for you and all necessary pages and products added.

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Social Media Management

Integrate your social media and your e-commerce store and start selling on social media too.

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Digital Marketing

Showcase your business on different media platforms and start driving in visitors who are truly interested in your products.

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Content Marketing

Get your content in front of people who are actually interested in them and likely to buy. Do it the smart way.

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Video Creation

Make branded videos for your products to improve your website's public image and visibility.

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SEO Services

Improve your stores optimization by including many keywords in your posts and product descriptions.

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Email Marketing

Maintain contact with your customers by sending them offers and updates available in your store.

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Influencer Program

Get connected with an influencer who is the best for marketing your products at a flexible price.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Treating our clients' businesses as ours has made our customers proud and nothing makes us happier than that.

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Get a Shopify store built for you for free. No credit card information required. Grab this opportunity to tart your e-commerce business today and start working from anywhere.

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